Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sneak Preview of Halloween

 Last Monday, two of my friends and fellow English teachers were killed in a car accident on the way to school. Today is one of their funerals. I'm not really ready to write about their deaths, but I wanted to preface this blog post with that explanation. It hasn't really been a spooktastic week for me, but before the nightmare began, I took a few pictures that I meant to post Monday about our Halloween costumes. I still wanted to post them, because I know it will bring a few people joy. (Mostly my mom.)
 The Halloween costumes for the Joneses were pretty low-maintenance this year, which is how I like everything. We decided to go as members of the Justice League. Even though our costumes were low-key, I wanted to add a little bit of a personal touch to each one. Let me explain.

Owen is wearing the Superman costume my dad bought him over a year ago. He loves capes.

As a personal touch, Clifton is going to slick back his hair like Clark Kent.

Wyatt is The Flash. I bought him a Flash t-shirt and add glittery lightning bolts I cut out of felt paper.

Clifton is Batman. He is wearing his Batman shirt, but made this amazing cape out of material I bought him. It has the same number of points that the TV Batman had.

I bought this cute Wonder Woman shirt on Amazon.
As personal touches, I made a headband/tiara, bought a golden rope that I'll probably use for the Christmas tree after Halloween, and cut out some bracelets from leftover lightning bolt felt.

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