Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Seventh Grade English Classroom

 Guys... I just finished my first day of teaching. I AM EXHAUSTED! Not too exhausted to realize how much work I have left, but still... tired. I wanted to get on here to show you my first classroom though-- seventh grade English.

 Here are the before pictures:

There was stuff everywhere!

Permanent marker on the whiteboard, ARGH!!!!

 After MUCH hard work, here is my classroom on the first day of school:

Textbooks are on the windowsill along with a few dictionaries. After a day of my desk wandering aimlessly, I am going to put down painter's tape on the floor as a guide.

Talk about a command center. I am organized!

At least I have a projector!

You like my Michael Jordan poster?

Gotta rep the UNC in a land of red and orange. I love my teacher desk; it is highly efficient.

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