Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our 2014 Container Garden: Tomatoes, Peppers, and Garlic... Oh, My!

 This is my third year gardening and second year container gardening in Oklahoma. Last year was a disaster, I probably only had a cup of produce before my plants died. I erred in three ways: inexperience with harsh Oklahoman weather, too small containers, and plants different to grow in containers. I'm hopeful about this year. Let me show y'all what we planted on Good Friday.

 Of course, I planted my old stand-by tomatoes. I went with my mother-in-law's suggestion of patio tomatoes, since they are one of the best container tomato plants. (By the way, look at how healthy these plants look! I bought them at Lowe's, which gave us a 10% veteran discount, instead of Walmart. Lowe's definitely takes better care of their plants.) I bought really big containers for the tomatoes. I'm thinking in a month or so I'll need to buy a cage for them and water-soluble fertilizer.

 I also bought three jalapeno plants and three garlic bulbs. I planted them together... not sure how that is going to work. I've never planted either one and never SEEN a garlic plant in my life, but we love jalapenos and I use a TON of garlic in my cooking. I'm also not sure the container is big enough. BUT, I can always transplant some plants into another container if they appear to be crowding each other. The tomato containers have holes in the bottom already, but Clifton has been asked to drill holes in my jalapeno/garlic container.

 I also bought a cute aloe vera plant, which was initially leaking from the pot, but I found the hole and clogged it. Aloe vera plants are so useful for medicinal purposes. My grandma also had one in her kitchen.

 Here's the gardener, herself: I bought a cute pair of gardening gloves to save my manicure. They are the best things ever.

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