Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hosting International College Students

 Last Saturday, we hosted our first dinner with the two students from China we are hosting. I served them country-style steak (Oklahoman) with garlic peas. Very American.

 The students, Fan and Yixuan, are in a one-year foreign exchange program at the University of Central Oklahoma. We were connected through CRISP, a program at UCO that connects local families with international students interested in American culture. We're pretty American and have two empty places at our dining room table, so we signed up!

 I have never been overseas in a different country, so I thought it would be a wonderful way to expand our knowledge of the world. It's also fairly entertaining. We compared with Fan and Yixuan different ways to feed children, view movies, graduate from high school, and eat a dinner. They told us about the providence they are from, which is near Hong Kong.

 Fan told me he wanted to visit the White House because Americans blow it up so much in their movies. Yixuan told me about Chinese superstitions. They both loved our kids and took the pictures I have in this blog post.

 I am looking forward to spending more time with them and learning more about other cultures, especially one that is becoming increasingly relevant. I'd like some ideas on what to do share with them in Oklahoma. Any ideas, readers?

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