Friday, April 18, 2014

Five on Friday -- A Weekly Review

 Every Friday, I share five noteworthy things about the Joneses' week. Let's get started.

ONE Good Friday
 Happy Good Friday! Definitely one of those holidays that I'm not sure if I should be declaring it as "happy,
 but it is already "good," so why not? I'm observing Good Friday by attending church tonight at seven, where the youth group is presenting the stations of the cross.

 TWO Owen's Button Cross
 For our last Easter craft, if you don't count dye-ing Easter eggs, Owen decorated a cross with markers and buttons. We used popsicle sticks and stick glue for the buttons. I superglued the popsicle sticks together and a magnet to the back so that I could see it everyday on our refrigerator. Afterwards, Owen continued to color popsicle sticks and, when we weren't looking, use the stick glue as a lip gloss.

 THREE Star Wars Easter Eggs
 Yesterday and today, we dyed and decorated our Easter eggs for our hunt at the boys' grandparents' house on Sunday. I was going to dye the eggs naturally, but then I found a Star Wars decorating kit.You know what happened next:

FOUR Wyatt's Ear Infection
 Clifton took Wyatt to the ear doctor on Wednesday, where he said Wyatt has finally gotten over his ear infection, but there is still water in his ear. If his ears do not drain the water by his next appointment on May 15, we're going to have to consider putting tubes in his ears. Poor baby.

FIVE Sinus Infections for Everyone!
 The weather in Oklahoma has been crazy this past week. Literately, we were wearing short-sleeves on Sunday and watching snow fall on Monday. INSANITY. All of the Joneses has had allergy or sinus problems this week, with a sinus infection for me today. Thank God for drugs.

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