Monday, July 28, 2014

A Day Trip to the University of North Carolina

 Chapel Hill is my second home. I spent four years of my life there, leaving as a vastly different person than the one that had arrived. The university and the town have a special place in my heart which is encouraged by the sheer beauty of the campus. Never did I ever tire of how beautiful Chapel Hill is, from the enormous, green trees shading the walkways to the error-filled brick pathways to the Carolina blue skies.

 I love to visit Chapel Hill every time I go home to North Carolina, but I was super excited about visiting during our most recent trip because the weather was bound to be nice (Seventies in July!!!) and the boys were getting old enough to enjoy the campus. We were also seriously lacking in Carolina gear.

This almost happened. I opted for the less-expensive football jerseys for the boys, but I really, really, wanted to make these happen.

 We started on Franklin Street, which has changed drastically since I was a student only three years ago. I surmised that my years as a student were during a low-point of commerce on Franklin Street as most the storefronts were empty or filled with businesses that we all knew wouldn't last long. I was impressed by the new businesses, especially the Waffle House, but also surprised at how many chain stores had transplanted to themselves into the other locavore Chapel Hill scene.

 We made a loop around campus, hitting the Morehead-Cain offices, Coker arboretum, the Quad, the Pit, Student Stores, Peabody Hall, and, of course, the Old Well. I wish I could have poked my head into the Student Union to observe any changes, but with a toddler running around campus yelling, "Go, go, go!" I thought it unwise.

I brought my sister Christie along for toddler control.  She looked so cute!

 I thought enjoying a beautiful day at UNC couldn't be any better, but showing my boys a place that I loved was even better. They even took great pictures with me by the Old Well! (Mostly because they could see that other people wanted to take pictures of the Old Well also and love being in the way. What mischievous Tar Heel boys I have.)

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