Sunday, February 22, 2015

Our Lenten Calendar

 For this Lenten season, I am trying something new with the boys. We enjoyed our Advent calendar so much before Christmas... looking forward to a new activity each day and creating new memories. Even Clifton was asking what we were going to do that day. I decided to try a similar concept with Lent in order to be more observant of the season before Easter and get the boys involved in my faith. I'm not the only one on the Internet who has thought of this, but the way I am doing it is different from what I have seen elsewhere.

 I bought this framed corkboard at Hobby Lobby and painted a cross on it in black. (I wanted a prettier color, but I only had black and glittery red paint.) Then I thought of an activity to do for each of the forty Lenten days. (Did you know Sundays don't count as one of the Lent days? Me neither.) On little slips of paper, I wrote the date on one side and the activity on the back. (The list of activities are below.) Then I push-pinned the paper to the corkboard, putting the latest dates on the bottom.

 As we do each activity and the Lenten season progresses, we will see more of the cross. In the Episcopal church, all of the crosses are covered during Lenten and revealed on Easter morning, like Jesus revealed himself to his followers. On Easter morning, we will reveal the cross underneath all of our activities and, hopefully, be prepared for the resurrection of Jesus.

Our Lenten Calendar Activities

Wednesday, February 18: Ash Wednesday church service
Thursday, February 19: Bible Story
Friday, February 20: Bunny Banner craft
Saturday, February 21: Bible Story
Monday, February 23: Scratch Art craft
Tuesday, February 24: Bible Story
Wednesday, February 25: Learn a Prayer
Thursday, February 26: Bible Story
Friday, February 27: Suncatchers craft
Saturday, February 28: Bible Story
Monday, March 2: Bible Story
Tuesday, March 3: Button Crosses craft
Wednesday, March 4: Learn a Prayer
Thursday, March 5: Bible Story
Friday, March 6: Ship Painting craft
Saturday, March 7: Bible Story
Monday, March 9: Bible Story
Tuesday, March 10: Paint Easter Scene craft
Wednesday, March 11: Learn a Prayer
Thursday, March 12: Bible Story
Friday, March 13: Bible Story
Saturday, March 14- Saturday, March 21: Visit to North Carolina
Monday, March 23: Bible Story
Tuesday, March 24: Fuzzy Art craft
Wednesday, March 25: Learn a Prayer
Thursday, March 26: Bible Story
Friday, March 27: Bible Story
Saturday, March 28: Bake a Treat
Monday, March 30: Bible Story
Tuesday, March 31: Bible Story
Wednesday, April 1: Learn a Prayer
Thursday, April 2: Bible Story
Friday, April 3: Good Friday service
Saturday, April 4: Dye Easter Eggs

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