Friday, December 19, 2014

UCO Winter Glow

 Last Friday, Wyatt and I went to UCO's Winter Glow celebration at the Nigh University Center. We had planned on bringing the whole family, but Owen was feeling sick and Clifton said kiddie events were more of my thing than his. 

 The celebration was a lot of fun, and I have been to more than my share of crappy kiddie events. When you are bringing a child as young as Wyatt (eighteen months), you have to keep perspective. They don't have fine motor skills. My goals were twofold: make Wyatt look happy and wear him out for bed time.

 This event definitely succeeded. There were many things that Wyatt was interested in doing. The first was eating. Wyatt ate a WHOLE hotdog himself. We also ate cookies and smores. Wyatt loves to eat.

 He also enjoyed poking the giant blowups in the hallways, watching a light show on the second floor patio to the tune of "Let It Go," playing in the midst of a fake snow machine, and riding a motorized train car around campus. We tried to make a Santa craft together, but I just ended up attaching the adhesive Santa mustache to his face and laughing at him.

 At the end of the evening, we went to the auditorium to listen to music and watch older kids dance on the stage in costumes. Instead of participating in that activity, Wyatt wanted to crawl/walk to the very top of the auditorium, at the exact opposite corner as me. He stood there for a while watching the kids on the stage and other people in the audience. He's a weird one.

Can you see him up there in the corner?

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