Friday, January 18, 2013

Follow Friday Blog Hop AKA I'm So Sleepy

Last night I didn't sleep much. Since Clifton has started what seems to be an amateur attempt at bodybuilding, he has been snoring ridiculous amounts. Laying on his stomach, sides, back, upside down.... it don't matter. He's snoring. I want to get him one of those breathe-right strips, but he won't hear about it.

So, after fighting with his unconscious, snoring self for a couple of hours, I moved to the couch downstairs. There the numerous loudly clocking clocks bothered me. After I successfully managed to ignore them and drift to sleep, the refrigerator decided to have a conniption, with loud banging noises. Lord Jesus Christ, help me. So, at four o'clock, I trudged back upstairs, with the thought that Clifton would have to wake up in a hour for work anyhow.

Owen slept through the night for the first time, which makes my sleeplessness only more bitter. Hopefully, he sleeps tonight, also, so I can enjoy the unbroken sleep, as I am sure I will be sleeping heavily.

This is just a prolonged way of saying that I do not have the mental capacity to create a blog post of magnificent proportions. Today, I bring you a Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun from the blog hop of Feeling Beachie.


1. I am a awful, no-good mother if you think letting your baby play in the dirt is a sin. I love seeing Owen dig in the dirt with a straw while I drink a coffee outside Starbucks. But, he always seems to find the one cigarette butt hidden in the dirt. That's nasty.
2. Sometimes I don't know when to mop my floor. It always looks dirty, but I'm not going to mop it every day. Ain't nobody got time for dat!
3. My two favorite words lately are Betty and Wyatt. We'll find out which one the New Baby likes more on February 5.
4. I would like feeding Owen more if the throwing of food and other disgusting activities didn't happen.

In other news, Clifton was accepted into the University of Central Oklahoma! Yay!!!
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  1. I say the dirtier they get...the more fun they had. this from a girl who grew up hanging out on her grandparents farm - so that's some nasty dirt!

    And I hear you about the snoring. I have never been so thankful that I did not turn my spare bedroom into a toy playroom. that's where I had to sneak off too lately when hubby gets going for throttle.

    1. I grew up playing in the dirt at baseball field, back when adults were still allowed to smoke at children's events. So many cigarette butts!

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. I hear you with the floor... we just finished renovations and repairs and no matter how many times I mop I can't get rid of the dust... I have given up! thanks for playing!

    1. Every time I clean the floor my son throws something nasty back on it. Wish I could just put a tarp down, but then I'd just have to clean the tarp. Thanks for visiting.


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