Friday, February 1, 2013

February "First of the Month" Baby Bump Picture

 Here is the February "First of the Month" Baby Pump Picture! I am almost twenty weeks along today. Last month, I peeked into Owen's baby book to see how big I was at this time during my pregnancy with him. I noticed that around five or six months, I really popped ! Well, you can see that I popped this past month. I am very noticeable pregnant now. I am getting a lot of sympathetic looks from people when I carry around my monster baby Owen. I can feel the littlest one move around now, although he/she doesn't move around as much as Owen. I think this baby will be more chill.

 Tuesday we are going to Tripler for the ultrasound, so expect a gender-revealing post on Wednesday! I am so excited I can barely sleep!
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