Friday, February 15, 2013

Fill-In Fun Blog Hop

 I've been so busy with packing and cleaning our house that keeping up with this blog is literately been a miracle. Really-- this post is a miracle. Alleluia!

I love doing the Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop because I get to fill in blanks. I was always good at those in school.

1. Sometimes I don't want anyone to bother me that is why I have my thug face on.
2. All I want for our plane trip to Oklahoma for Owen is lots of giggling and napping.
3. I am pregnant therefore I crave candy constantly.
4. McDonalds’ is tons of fun for Owen and deliciously bad for me.

 Aww, that is so much fun! You should do it, too, either on your blog or in the comments. 


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  1. Good idea! I'm going to get a thug face. Good way to be alone!

    1. My sister calls it her "bitch face," but I like to think a thug face is threatening to "put a cap in your ass" instead of clawing your eyes out with long nails, which is less messy.... Obviously we grew up in rough urban areas, lol. Thanks for the comment.


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