Thursday, July 25, 2013

What's in my Newborn/Toddler Bag?

 There is nothing more important or revealing to a woman that what she carries in her bag. Make that doubly so if that woman is a mother of children who cannot yet carry their own things. I carry around the things of two boys, a newborn and toddler, with the desire to not look like I am carrying around a plastic, flowery, typical diaper bag. I mean, I'm twenty-four-years old. I need to look chic and hip and all those words that don't evoke a middle-aged woman in mom jeans. 

 About two weeks before Wyatt was born, I found this beauty:

It's perfect. Dark navy to hide milk stains and match any outfit. Tough canvas material with a leather bottom to survive any surface Owen drags it on. A metal-reinforced shoulder strap the exact length to place it against my side-- no shorter, no longer. Two medium-sized front pockets with an enormous, Mary Poppins-size inside pocket. And most important of all, zippers on all of the pockets to prevent Owen or myself from dumping out all of the contents unintentionally. Zippers that even have decorative and functional straps which look attractive and allow me to quickly pull one open, with a baby in each arm.

 I love it.

 Now you probably want to know what I hold inside this glorious bag. What I pack for myself and the boys changes depending on our destination, but I have a list of items that are included no matter what. 

 Here they are:

 Left to Right: Burp Cloth (Wyatt), Wonder Woman Card Wallet, Change Purse, Bottle of Formula (Wyatt), Sippy Cup (Owen), Cookie Monster Container for Snacks (Owen), Chap Stick, Pen Necklace, Paper Pad, Cell Phone, Diaper Wipes (Owen and Wyatt), Size 4 Diaper (Owen), Size Newborn Diaper (Wyatt)

 There ya go! Nope, I don't normally bring with me two changes of clothing per child or multiple diapers or even toys for Owen to play with unless there are special circumstances. We are striving to be low-maintenance, people.

 And I would like to have a functional shoulder after all of this is said and done.

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